Wheelbarrow Event

20th September 2018

Costings and registration times tbc

Price is per person

This is an 18+ event so please bring ID


One of Carnival’s most loved events. Hundreds enter and thousands watch. Teams in groups of 3 or more decorate their wheelbarrow and push a team member around the village, stopping at each pub to drink a pint of liquid. It sounds strange but it’s something you need to see to believe. Wheelbarrows are decorated beyond recognition with big sound systems, lights and fancy looking attachments. The imagination of the participants is just fantastic.

Wheelbarrow Event  Wheelbarrow Event

I’ve never entered before, what do i do?

Once you have managed to gather up your team members (this can be more difficult that the actual event) you then head on over to the Bouverie Hall on the day of the event to register. You will pay and enter your team name and collect your team number sticker You will then move round the hall and sign a disclaimer form to say that you are entering at your own risk. Once your team have signed you will be given wristbands to put on. Each team member will have a different colour representing the corresponding drink stop.  That’s it for registering and you can go get ready for the event, or just go straight to the gathering point if you’ve left it to the last min.

Wheelbarrow Event Wheelbarrow Event

It’s hard to miss the gathering point as all you will see are decorated wheelbarrows and lots of excited happy people ready to go. If you do happen to somehow walk out of the hall and go completely the wrong way it’s in the carpark and down to the post office.

At 7:30pm you will start to see lots of frantic people in fluorescent jackets shouting at you and pointing. What they are trying to do is to get you all into a nice neat line so you can all be paraded through the high street to the start. This gives the spectators a chance to see your lovely work and take pictures of you.

Once at the start you will be moved into position and set off in groups. If you are unsure of the route just follow everyone else. Most are veterans and should know the way by now. Along the way you will come across tables with a sign stating which colour stop they are. Your team member with the same colour will need to go up, show your number and collect a drink. Drink this drink and then move on to the next stop.  Some stops will be tables, some will be tables outside of pubs and some will be inside the pub. Just follow the masses and you can’t go wrong.

Wheelbarrow Event Wheelbarrow Event

Useful tips to survive the event

You will be going through a stretch of river and under a bridge so make sure that anything that you don’t want soaked with water is removed prior to getting in the river.

Once registered give all valuables to a nice friend who is way more responsible than you and will look after said items.

Don’t lose nice friend who is responsible and has all your valuables.

If you’re not good at sewing just invest in a glue gun. Those things can stick fabric to fabric and its water proof.

Carry a roll of duct tape as things will fall off your wheelbarrow.

Have fun and chat to people. It’s the easiest time of the year to chat to the locals as 90% of them are entering and in the same boat as you.


 Wheelbarrow Event