Jack Rankin


Jack Rankin – “Mr Pastry”

As with so many Carnival regulars then and now Jack adopted a popular TV character as his Carnival persona, in his case  Mr Pastry  – a bowler-hatted comedy character from fifties/sixties childrens hour complete with walrus moustache and flapping coat-tails.

He was also very well known as the MC of, and performer in, the Carnival Variety Show that always used to kick off Carnival week. Along with other PVADS stalwarts Geoff Kunkler and Les Marshall he provided many a laugh to the audiences in the old Bouverie Hall.

Seldom, if ever, would Mr Pastry venture to the assembly field or traverse the whole route of the parade; instead he would  work the crowd  in Milton Road and the High Street as far as King Alfred’s statue each year. Invariably, the sum taken in his collecting box would come out near the top of the list at counting time.