Carnival Procession

The 2017 illuminated procession will be on Saturday the 23rd September.

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Roads into Pewsey close at 6pm and the procession will start at 7:30pm from the carnival field and work its way into Pewsey high street and around. Road closure information can be found here. See the procession route at the bottom of the page for ideas of where to watch from.

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Car Parks

£5 per car All proceeds to Carnival charities.


Green Drove

Carnival Field

Gas Works Brow just outside Pewsey on the Marlborough road.

Class Registration – 2017



All entries into the motorised classes will need dedicated float safety marshals. It is your own responsibility to supply the correct amount for the size of your float. This is a safety requirement and any entries without sufficient float safety marshals will not be permitted to enter the procession.

Float safety marshals will wear visible plastic tabards (supplied at the carnival field) and walk alongside your entry to ensure that no one gets close to the wheels or can fall under the float.

Walking Class
Float Marshals
Class 1 Hand-propelled float/cart not using a generator or other petrol/diesel engine. Battery is ok.
Class 2 Hand-propelled float/cart using a petrol/diesel engine.
Motorised Class
Float Marshals
Class 3 Small float (<9m) pulled by a roadworthy sit on motor vehicle. Incl. quad bikes
Class 4 Large float (>9m) pulled by a roadworthy sit on motor vehicle.
Class 5 Children and youth organisations pulled by any roadworthy sit on motor vehicle.

2 for small float

4 for large float


Pewsey Carnival can arrange and pay the premium for Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for entrants in classes 2-5. Entrants are welcome to take out their own PLI but please note this on the application form and bring a copy of the insurance to the carnival field on the night. Class 1 entrants are unlikely to need PLI due to the low risk they pose, but are welcome to provide their own PLI.


Classes 1 and 2 are judged at the Carnival field.

Classes 3-5 are judged on the route by carnival veterans. You will receive a judging number at the Carnival field (big florescent number to attach to your float). All results from the motorised classes will be announced at the closing ceremony on the Sunday. Please make sure you give your name and phone number when registering your entry.

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Procession Route

Contact Information

Procession Organiser – Queries relating to the Carnival field, Bands, Route.

Procession Entry Forms – Queries relating to accessing the online entry form or amending entry information.