Vacancies Descriptions


Calling all “Handy-people”

The Carnival has a number of buildings and items that are used during events and in the community more broadly. We are in desperate need of people who can help maintain these. Activities can range from replacing windows to painting to cutting hedges to clearing gutters to cleaning and tidying…

The need for people to help is all year round but rarely over the Carnival fortnight and there are no set times. The volunteers can decide what times suit them best.

If you can spare some time please contact

Team leader: Marshals 

During the Carnival Procession and the Four-legged and Wheelbarrow races we rely heavily on Stewards and Marshals.  We hire professional Stewards who work closely with the Police and who are experienced in dealing with delicate situations.  Stewards are costly and it would not be possible to run these events without local Marshals who can direct the public and give them information.

We will be asking for Marshals in the near future, but for now we need someone to act as the Leader of Marshal team. This individual works well with other people, is friendly and is good at including people; they are well organised and good relaying instructions.  If you think you would be good in this role, or know of someone who would be please contact

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Team leader: Barriers 

Organising a team of people to put out and collect the barriers for the three large events. Barriers are erected at 6.00pm on the three nights and then cleared away between 9.00pm to 10.30pm.
This person is likely to be physically fit and likes leading a team of volunteers.

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Being in the Village Dressing Group
Director: Village Dressing

Village dressing is concerned with, the decoration of Pewsey over the Carnival fortnight. The lights; candles over the river; window dressing competition and river scene make up this area at present. This role would suit an artistic person who has vision but who can also encourage many people to become involved in decorating the village

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Being in the Asset Group
Secretary: Hiring Assets 

Carnival has a small number of assets that they let out to other charities across the district for a small charge to cover replacement of the asset. This is an administrative role that can be undertaken by one person or a small team. Hiring assets can happen at any time throughout the year but not in high volume. The secretary will take enquiries; arrange for people to collect the asset; ensure the asset is returned in good condition and collect and bank money. This person is flexible; good at scheduling; and competent with finance.

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Maintenance Team
What jobs need to be completed?

Asset maintenance

Mechanical maintenance is undertaken by a garage

  • Carnival Tractor
  • Carnival Van
  • Small Trailers
  • Welding broken barriers
  • Gazebos

Building maintenance

Carpentry mainly but general building skills would be useful

  • Old Fire Engine House
  • Carnival Hut. Mending windows; holes in walls;
  • Store including fencing


  • Old Fire Engine House
  • Carnival Hut
  • Gates Carnival Field
  • Gates Carnival Store


  • Store: Yard
  • OFEH: Upper rooms; Lower Room; Outside area includes cutting hedge
  • Carnival Hut: Grounds maintained

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Being in the Company Management Group
Health and Safety Secretary

This is an administrative role that requires liaison with a number of parties. The Secretary will arrange for an expert in H&S to create and update our H&S requirements such as risk assessments and plans. They will then work through the Directors to ensure assessments are put in place and answer questions where necessary. They will also arrange the Carnival Insurances through a local broker. There is no requirement for expert knowledge in H&S or insurance as the secretary will always refer questions to the experts. This would suit a well organised person who likes working with detail and is good at communicating between parties.

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If you would like to find out more about any of the vital roles listed below please contact us using this form:

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