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Managing Director (Nick Wood)

The role of the Managing Director’s team is to co-ordinate the activity of all the other Directors with many central activities falling under this section. The managing Director’s team is made up of:

• Members’ Secretary (Chloe Groom)
• Directors’ Secretary (Judi Little)
• Health and Safety Secretary(Vacancy)
• Marketing Officer (Vacancy)
• On-line Entry Forms (Gemma Blanch) 
Treasury Team (Mike Newton)
• Legal Officer (Vacancy)

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Operations Director ()

The Operations Committee would oversee the organisation of the routes for the Procession and two races. The organisers of the Wheelbarrow race and Four legged race will organise the race itself eg: publicity, drinking stations, signing in, medals, timing etc. while the Operations team focus on barriers, car parks, road closures, first aid, stewards etc. The Operations team is made up of:

• Road Closures (Nick Wood, Nigel Lihou)
• Carnival Procession (Derek Drewitt, James Walker)
• Field (Derek Drewitt, James Walker)
• Wheelbarrow Race Organiser (Dave Major)
• Four Legged Race Organiser (Dave Major)
• Car Parks Secretary (Roddy Fishlock)
• Marshals Team Leader (Yosh Reilly)
• Mobile Toilets Secretary(Micky High)
• Barriers Team Leader (Vacancy)
• Contracts: First Aid; Stewards; Catering, ()


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Events Director (Dave Humfress)

This team brings together event organisers who are individuals or who run the “traditional” Carnival events:

• Ceremonies: Opening; Closing; Switching on Carnival Lights (Managing Direcor)
• Queen Contest (Heather Lovelock and Micky High)
• Feast Tea (Carol Parsons)
• Car Treasure Hunt (Judith Kunkler, Julia Marshall)
• Scarecrow Festival (Carol Parsons)
• History Talk (Richard Giles)
• Window Spotting Competition (Annmarie Martin)
• Car Boot Sale (Hasbeens)
• Bingo (Sandy and Nigel Lihou)

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Carnival Procession Director (James)

Responsibility for the actual Carnival Procession is held by the Carnival Procession Committee chaired by Derek. This ranges from encouraging carnival Clubs to enter the procession to organising the field on Carnival Night, through to offering information on legal aspects of entering a float. The team is made up of:

• Field (Derek Drewitt & James Walker)
• Signing in (Roddy Fishlock)
• Float Public Liability Insurance Secretary (Linda Fishlock)
• Preparation of collecting boxes (6x Club)
• Registering collecting boxes (Dave and Lizzie Humfress)
• Selling coins and collecting boxes (Mark Spanswick)
• Organising counting coins (Caroline Saunders)
• Working with Pewsey District Floats (Roddy Fishlock)

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Cossors Director (Carol Parsons)

Cossors Shop generates essential money to fund the Carnival costs and enable us to contribute to other charities. Areas involved in Cossors are:
• Shop (Carol Parsons)
• Auction (Wayne Hawkins and Chris Giddings)
• Jumble Sale (Olive Goldsworthy)

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Partnership Events Director (Dave Humfress)

There are many organisations that have generously run events on behalf of Carnival and donated all or part of the proceeds to the charity. Up until now we have insisted that these operate “through” the Carnival Committee. In future we are happy to work with any organisation who would like to become involved with Carnival whilst enabling them to operate independently. Organisations already putting on events for the benefit of Carnival are:

• Karaoke (Hasbeens)
• Race Night (Hasbeens)
• Skittles (Woodborough Social Club)
• Bridge (Pewsey Bridge Club)
• Bowls (Pewsey Bowls Club)
• Crib (Ann Diston)
• Whist (Peter Parsons)
• Bake off (Pewsey WI)
• Quiz (Royal Oak)
• Carrot Competition (Karnival Karrot Klub)

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Children Events Director (Dave Humfress)

Special regulations surround events for children and we’re lucky to have Jan as the Director to ensure all children taking part are kept safe as they have fun. The Children’s Events Committee is made up of:

• Children’s Party (Davina Wheatley)
• Children’s Three Legged Race (Kathryn Richardson)
• Duck Race (Davina Wheatley)
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Village Dressing Director (Nigel Lihou)

The role of the Village Dressing Committee is to ensure Pewsey Village is as attractive as possible during the two weeks of Carnival. The Village Dressing Team is made up or:

• Lighting Team Leader (Nigel Lihou)
• River Candles Team Leader (Nick Wood/ 6X club)
• North River Scene Team Leader (Toby Tuxford)
• Window Dressing Organiser (Judith Kunkler)
• Organ on Carnival Night Secretary (Micky High)

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Asset Director (Rupert Chandler)

The Carnival Company has acquired a number of assets over the years: The Carnival Field, the store and the Old Fire Engine House are the three main assets and it is our responsibility to ensure that these are maintained properly for the benefit of the whole community. Areas involved in assets are:

• Letting Barriers, Gazebo hire (Rupert Chandler)
• Letting trailers and other assets (Vacancy)
• Old Fire Engine House (Vacancy)
• Field maintenance (Paul Hornbogen )
• Store maintenance (Carol Parsons)

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Company Chairman (Maurice Bulmer)

While the focus for the Managing Director is the Carnival itself, the Company Chairman manages the relationship between the Company and the “outside world”. This is a non-executive role. Areas include:

• Members’ Secretary (Chloe Groom)
Presentation Night (Maurice Bulmer, Bernie Bradshaw)
Management Accounts Officer (Richard Fleming)
• Press Officer (Vacancy)
• Dealing with Companies House and Legal issues (Maurice Bulmer)
• Governance Officer (Maurice Bulmer)

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Vice Company Chairman (Carol Parsons)

  • Volunteering (Vacancy)

The focus of the Vice Company Chairman is the tradition of Carnival. Although we recognise that the Carnival needs to progress, we also need to be aware that we are guardians of a tradition that dates back to 1898. Our Carnival is very special and makes a very large contribution to ensuring we gel are a community. Although we have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years, Carnival is much more than a money raising charity. As a community we believe in:

• Inclusiveness whether that’s being in an event, helping organise, or working behind the scenes, if you would like to be a part of Carnival just press on a link.
• Neighbourliness by working with each other, helping people out, giving and receiving with good spirit
• Having fun after all they do say that laughter is the best medicine!

Want to know more? Would you like to participate? Please contact us using this form:

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