Closing Ceremony

Sunday 18th September 2016

Location: King Alfred Statue

Time: 6:15pm

More details TBC

Thanksgiving Service and Band Concert 

The crowds were treated to a wonderful traditional concert by Phoenix Brass for 45 minutes prior to the ceremony.

Jennifer lead the service which focused on Mathew the Tax Collector being included in the group. Is this a simile for Carnival?

Eleanor, the Carnival Queen, built her speech around recognition of all the hard work and creativity shown by so many people over the last few weeks.

The winner of the lucky programme was Mrs Francis

The winner of the artists word search was Mr Bond

The winner of the crossword was Mrs Diamond

Congratulations to them all!

The Chairman read a poem of thanks:

Thank you

Thank you to you bingo callers; you whist players and crib calculators

Thank you, you children entertainers for making mothers’ race with perambulators

Thank you, you Royal Family dress makers; organisers; and chaperones

And thank you, you chug-chug tractor drivers; barrier aligners and marshals standing all alone

Thank you, you float designers who compete with Notting hill

Thank you for making them so great and agreeing to pay the bill

Thank you, you bowlers; you golfers, and all who’ve raised the cash

And all the pubs and party organisers for putting on a bash

Well done you Karaoke warblers you gave it all you had

And thank you, you race night fancy dressers, you don’t brush up too bad

And thanks to all you racers but, no, wait no not “racers”

Thanks to those who just strolled round and paraded their creation

And well done to the press who caused us all such ‘turbulation’!

Well done to our District we’ve had some fun this year

And thank you to the walkers who didn’t drink their beer!

Apologies to all the people and groups omitted in the poem. You were not forgotten but it would have been a poem of epic length to include everyone.

The event finished around 8.00 with our classic hymn: Till We Meet Again… until next year …