Hasbeens’ Race Night

Monday 12th September 2016

Location: Bouverie Hall Pewsey

Time: 7:30pm

Organiser: Hasbeens

More Details TBC


Race Night 2014 pictures

The Hasbeens hosted another excellent race night on Monday 17th Sept.

Micky Micky Colin Colin

RoddyRoddy 2

jim Jim Pete pete odds on

The Tote! race touts Carol, Linda, Alison, Nina, Jan

A ‘reel’ man, Lee takes a break with lady wife Jan  Reel man takes break

Big winners of the night were the Gangster and Molls table who took home the cash prize for the winning horse in the auction.

Gangsters and Molls Ganster and Molls

Best dressed lady Tanya: Best dressed lady

Best dressed Gentleman: Robert.Best dressed man

Happy royal family table Happy royal family

Brothers in arms brothers in arms

Winning table Spots and Stripes spots and stripes

A great night out and a handsome donation to Carnival.  Many thanks to the Hasbeens and to all those who through themselves into the swing of things again this year… a great Carnival classic evening 🙂