Your Carnival Organisation has changed

Over the autumn of 2013 quite a lot of changes were made in the way the Carnival Organisation operates. The Carnival Organisation became a company on 6th September 2007 but continued operating through one large committee. For a number of reasons, some legal, we have closed the central committee and created a standard Company structure with Directors who manage the company and Members who own it. Link to Members’ Role

By making these changes we will be able to continue to deliver successful and enjoyable Carnivals over the coming years whilst ensuring we manage the complicated world of regulations effectively.

Each Director now has responsibility for a section of Carnival. This means that much smaller groups chaired by each Director can now be formed. Decisions can now be made more quickly and group meetings are likely to be more focused, meaningful and fun! The organisation looks like this:


As an example the group working with the Village Dressing Director is organised like this:

diagram 2

To find out more about a particular area press on the following links:
Managing Director’s Group
Operations Director’s Group
Events Director’s Group
Procession Director’s Group
Cossors Director’s Group link
Partnership Director’s Group
Children’s Events Director’s Group
Village Dressing Director’s Group
Asset Director’s Group
Company Chairman
Company Vice-Chairman

Through the links below you can get more detail on the vacancies we have. There may appear to be a lot of vacancies but the reason for this is;

  1. we have created new Director roles so that the people in each Director’s group can focus on those things that interest them without having to refer to a large committee
  2. large tasks have been broken down so that people don’t become over whelmed being responsible for large parts of the Carnival. Some tasks may only require a few hours per year to complete. Volunteers are of course very welcome to pick up a number of tasks if they wish!