Heads-up: Longer Semi-Trailers (VSO)

longcrop Owners of trailers that are over 9 metres long (including the vehicle which is towing the trailer) must use the form linked here to apply to the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) – Application Data for Longer Semi-Trailer (VSO).  (We’re not expecting anything this big!) Full entry details for this year’s Illuminated...
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Popular Event Under Threat Last year a number of very hard working individuals stepped down from organizing the larger events after years of service. As a matter of urgency we are in desperate need of two key individuals: Organizer of the Wheel Barrow Race Operations Director (who essentially organizes...
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Can you spare a little time… or know someone who can?

COSSOR’S SHOP Cossor’s Shop in Pewsey is owned by The Pewsey and District Feast and Carnival Company. It generates vital revenue to ensure Carnival can be delivered each year and also makes generous donations to various charities across the Pewsey Vale. People are urgently needed to help with collections...
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Open Meeting to Discuss New Carnival Structure

OPEN MEETING  Bouverie Hall, Thurs 5th December, 7.30pm Pewsey and District Carnival offers an open invitation to our public meeting, in Bouverie Hall, on Thursday 5th December, at 7.30pm, when we’ll be discussing our organisation’s restructure and detailing areas where we need help. We’re looking for interested, enthusiastic people to...
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Carnival Car Boot & Apple Pressing Day

poster for 2013 car boot sale
This Sunday 20th October is the Carnival Car Boot sale and Apple Pressing day. Its being held at the Coopers Arms, Ball Road, Pewsey. Come bring your apples along with sterilised containers to get them squished into lovely...
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Cossor’s Car Treasure Hunt Results 2013

Treasure Hunt Winners 2013
The 8th annual treasure hunt in aid of Pewsey Carnival was held on Sun 13th October   It is run every year in memory of Clifford Goldsworthy(Cossor) who was a great supporter of Pewsey Carnival 1st Wisbey and Locks 2nd Tatlock family joint third   Hiscocks and crew and...
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  The now traditional closing event of the Carnival year pooling the talents of our local brass band, male and female choirs. Tickets available from Around the World and Woottons. Kennet Vale Brass | Pewsey MVC | Pewsey Belles Ladies...
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