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This site is no longer maintained separately as you can now read all the latest news, including Shelley's own personal blog, please at Shelley-Marie Rudman (Official Site)

Otherwise, you will find that SRSG is still alive-and-kicking in the form of a Facebook Group which you are most welcome to join.

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2008/09 Archive

24/05/09 - Too Hot to Handle? ... Please Help!

Thieves break into Shelley's Sheffield home and steal the keys of her car, including much of baby daughter Ella-Marie's personal effects and also the helmet Shelley used in Turin ... worthless to the thieves, priceless to Shelly ... please spread the word!

17 Jan 09 - Comeback gathers pace ...

Shelley's second win of the current season - with a St.Moritz track record - catapults her to the top of the World Cup rankings and lands the European title.  

11 May 08 - Superstars ... Channel 5, 8.00pm

Four teams of four compete against each other in this make-over of the old 70s hit TV series with the top two from the round-robin contesting the grand final.

The teams are captained by Sir Steve Redgrave, Dame Kelly Holmes, Roger Black and Mike Catt.

Retired referee Graham Poll is in charge of old favourite events like "beat the keeper" and gym tests along with events indoor speed climbing, pool kayaking and diving.

Shelley is one making up the team -winners as it turned out (with Shelley doing particularly well at rock climbing) - captained by Sir Steve Redgrave along with fellow Winter Sports star Alain Baxter and Graham Thorpe. The other competitiors are: Iwan Thomas, Mark Foster, Karen Pickering, Jane Couch, Austin Healey, Chris Boardman, Lee Sharpe and Roberto Di Matteo.

12 May 08 - Filming for Channel 5 Superstars

Shelley in action this week as filming takes place for the resurrected cult TV show 'Superstars' for broadcast by Channel 5 later in the year.

07 Apr 08 - Golden end to Comeback Season

In the final two races of the America's Cup season Shelley places Bronze and then Gold! in Lake Placid. 

25 Jan 08 - Go Placidly

Shelley ends her participation in the second half of the Intercontinental Cup season with a sound fifth place in Lake Placid. This on the same day that Kristan stormed back to the top of the World Cup rankings with two races to go after his win in St Moritz ... more on FIBT site.

20 Jan 08 - SRSG Facebook Group launched

SRSG has set up a Group on Facebook which will be used as a means of alerting people to updates to this website and for posting other information relevant to Shelley's progress.  

19 Jan 08 - ... back in the Groove!

News comes from across the pond that Shelley has followed up a sound return to the track in Park City last week with a storming second place in the Calgary round of the Intercontinental Cup, beaten only by Lindsay Alcock on her home track.

On now to Lake Placid which Shelley freely admits is not her best track but she seems in the mood to change all that!

SRSG also sends it hearty congratulations to Kristan Bromley for regaining the European Bob Skeleton Champion's crown in Cesana yesterday.

12 Jan 08 - Shelley back on ice

Just 13 weeks after giving birth to Ella-Marie and finally having her long-awaited knee operation, Shelley is currently out in North America training on ice for the first time in over a year.

"It's great to be back! Obviously I'm not race fit by any means yet, but I needed to get back onto the sled and start to get my feeling back again after so long out with injuries and being pregnant with Ella-Marie"- Shelley told us -"Wednesday (9th Jan) was the first time I have pushed on ice and slid in over a year, and that day went successfully. My main aim is to try and get through these next three weeks and learn as much as possible about timings and rhythms of the tracks again. I'll then head back to the UK where I'll start to train specifically for the sport"

2007 Archive

06 Oct 07 - Safe Arrival

22 Apr 07 - Great Expectations

16 Feb 07 - Anniversary News

06 Feb 07 - World Champs Bid Hamstrung!

Following her 10th place finish in St Moritz which under the circumstances (described below) she was actually quite pleased with, Shelley has now returned to the UK and will probably miss the remainder of the World Cup Series.

This is so that, hopefully, a long-awaited knee operation can be brought forward to enable her to start conditioning training earlier in preparation for next season. Failing that, if the surgery has to wait but the injuries can be rehabilitated in time, she might just be able to make the Euro Champs in Konigsee.  

It was during WC Round 5 in Igls the previous week that - in trying to ignore the pain and push faster in preparation the World Champs - her knee problems were aggravated which, in turn, led to hamstring strains.

21 Jan 07 - Top Ten placing in Igls

With one week to go to the World Champs in St Moritz, Shelley records her second successive top ten finish of the World Cup series; Igls was unusual in that her second run saw her slip a couple of places after placing 8th after the first heat.

2006 Archive




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