SRSG Press Release 2: Sat 1st April, 2006

Pewsey to bid for 2014 Winter Olympics!

Buoyed by the success of local girl Shelley Rudman in the Skeleton Bobsleigh at Turin 2006, the Wiltshire village of Pewsey has declared itself a runner in the race to stage the Winter Olympics in 2014.

The centrepiece of the bid will be the construction of Britain's first Bobsleigh track at Pewsey Hill (left) on the scarp edge of Salisbury Plain - provisionally christened Dream of White Horses in deference to the chalk figures that adorn the Vale of Pewsey - this essential facility will be shared by the bobsleigh, skeleton and luge competitions.

The scheme is set to clear any planning objections on the grounds of prior use. The "Pewsey Hill Girl" herself gave the scheme her seal of approval - " - go for it!..." said Shelley.

"We accept we are playing catch-up on this one, and will have to move far and fast" - stated Bid Director Berkley Colley, founder of SRSG the local fundraising group that helped Shelley reach the start line in Turin - "Looking at the other bidders people might think we've no chance but that's what they said about Shelley and she showed 'em! We reckon we can recapture that spirit to put together as good a bid as anybody and bring the bacon back home to Wiltshire."

Technical Director Ted Colley (no relation) said - "One reason we feel Pewsey can deliver the Games on time and within a strict budget is a loophole we have discovered in the Candidature Acceptance Procedure" - he explained - "It defines a winter sport as being one that is practised on snow and/or ice." - he continues - "Our contention is that competitors can practice all they like on snow and ice before they get here, but no rules will be broken if they have to perform on something else".

"This perceived weakness in our bid (i.e. lack of snow) is neatly overcome," - he continued - "for example, we all went grass-tobogganing on the downs as kids and the skiing can always be switched to water anyway (they can still do it downhill if needs be by opening all the locks on the Caen Hill flight simultaneously)." [Other proposed venues]

"Failing that, early results from our global climate modelling studies have suggested that the Alps could be barren of snow by 2014 while the Vale of Pewsey could be the ski resort it was always meant to be - it is surely significant that all the horses cut into the hills around here are white, a clear pointer to our snowy heritage."

"Make no mistake - no way is this just another shameless plug for Pewsey Carnival ..."

The Live Life Then Give Life Campaign has been set up by two young women from Pewsey to raise awareness of organ donation and the chronic lack of organ donors in the UK.

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Live Life Then Give Life

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