2006 - What a Year!

Season's Greetings from Shelley!

19 Dec 06 - Come and Try It! ...

Contact: Corporate Pro Ice Challenge

... now then ... here's the chance you've been waiting for ... the chance to sample something of the unique experience offered by Skeleton for yourself!

Let Shelley herself explain:

"Along with the Bromley brothers, Kristan and Richard, I am seeking to arrange a week of Skeleton for corporate clients or individuals wanting a cool experience in either Lillehammer or Igls at the end of this season (Feb/Mar 07).

Just use the Corporate Pro Ice Challenge link above to be one of the first to contact me with your own/company name and I will send you information on how to register yourself or your team."

19 Dec 06 - That Was the Year That Was!

Yes, its that time of year when we all like to reflect on the year just gone and the one that is about to be, when there's so many other things to be done without forgetting the day job, and when this webmaster in particular has reason to thank Google News Alerts for flagging-up a far better summary of that glorious day back in February than the one he was putting together:

3 Dec 06 - Go Placidly ...

Prof Ice & Shelley warn against going downhill fast!

Nice snapshot from Sunday's BBC SPOTY event of Shelley and Kristan with former Bristol City midfielder (and current England manager) Steve McLaren.*

Following her whistle-stop transatlantic return, Shelley is now back in Lake Placid for Round 3 of this season's World Cup series. She says she kept her body clock on US time for the short stopover back in the UK and thinks it helped stave off too much tiredness.

Her focus, however, is on the World Championships because that is what her UK Sport funding is dependent upon. Thanks to Turin the next two championships (St Moritz 2007 and Altenburg 2008) are already covered; a podium finish in either case would then secure the same level of funding for a further two years, otherwise it could be subject to review.

*  Note

10 Dec06 - What Might Have Been?

Zara Phillips wins BBC SPOTY ... hmmm, what if the whole country had been given the chance to vote for Shelley as BBC West's audience had last week? (see below). Many thanks to the newspaper editors who effectively complied the nominations list - not.

Warm congratulations to Beth Tweddle for such a great showing for a non-mainstream sportswoman.

08 Dec 06 - Gearing Up?

With the season's focus of the World Championships still seven weeks away, Shelley turns in a good second slide to finish twelfth equal in Park City (WC2)* just ahead of a round-trip home to appear on BBC TV Sports Personality of the Year - the best exposure her sport has ever enjoyed?

* Another fine result for Westcountryman Adam Pengilly - 5th in the men's event.

04 Dec 06 - More Popular with the Public ...

Some great news to report! ... viewers of BBC TV Points West and listeners to the region's local radio stations have voted for Shelley as their Sports Personality of the Year ahead of David Howell, Zara Phillips and Paul Nicholls.

As the lady herself is in the USA preparing for her next race in the World Cup series, the BBC actually asked SRSG to represent her at the prestigious awards dinner at the Royal Marriott Hotel, Bristol!  

Congratulations also to long-serving Peter Quinney of Pewsey Vale Flyers Trampoline Club on his success in the Unsung Hero category.

... than with the Press Corps?

... unfortunately, the marvellous news from Bristol is tempered by the disappointment of finding Shelley's  name omitted from the ten nominees for the BBC's national SPOTY award.

This means that the rest of the country will not now have the opportunity to follow the West's footsteps  in voting for the against-all-the-odds efforts of this year's only British Olympic medalist.

As detailed here, had it been left to public postal and online votes and those of the BBC's own sports panel (see below) her name would have been on the list (as would Tony McCoy's).

One wonders why each region in the BBC network couldn't simply do as the West has done and then forward their candidates to the national final?

It seems strange for the BBC to dilute the input of their own viewers and staff by a factor of 12 in giving equal weight to the votes of sports editors from 34 different non-BBC media organisations (especially as some nominations suggested they didn't all take the responsibility sincerely).

Our bouquets then to the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Independent on Sunday, Sunday Mercury (Birmingham) and Express & Star (Wolverhampton) for adding their voice to Shelley's cause, and a special brickbat for the only West Country newspaper among those canvassed who didn't (and who didn't even use all of their votes!). Let's hope they ask the Gazette & Herald or Western Daily Press instead next time!  

BBC Sports Panel - Gary Lineker, Sue Barker, Adrian Chiles, Alan Hansen, Steve Cram, Jonathan Davies, Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, Suzi Perry, Clare Balding, Hazel Irvine.

30 Nov 06 - They're off ...

Opening World Cup run of 2006/07 sees Shelley finish in 16th place in Calgary, unusually for her, being slower in the second heat than the first - a "bad day at the office" but worse for Kristan Bromley who suffered a hamstring injury on the push start. Congratulations to GBR teammates Amy Williams and Adam Pengilly on their top ten results.

Good article in today's timesonline that puts Shelley's 2006 into perspective; meanwhile, BBC Points West have short-listed her for the Regional Sports Personality ... you can make your vote count by ringing 09015 225004 before midnight Fri 1st Dec.

28 Nov 06 - Chilling Out ...

Word is that the temperature in Calgary three days ahead of the first round of this season's World Cup series have plunged to a record low of -31C (with wind chill making it -42C at the top of the track) ... no surprise that training was cancelled for two days!

24 Nov 06 - Site Problems plus ...

You may have noticed the site was down for just over a day. This was due to changes made at our host server outwith our control. Normal service now resumed.

A copy of the "Shelleyvision" homecoming DVD is now available - see front page here.

19 Nov 06 - On Her Marks ...

Well Shelley has made it safely to Lake Placid ahead of the start of the World Cup series in Calgary on Thurs 30th Nov.

Here's hoping for a good start to preparations for the World Champs at the end of Jan. You can follow the results as they come in by following the FIBT live coverage link above.

Many thanks to all who nominated Shelley for BBC's Sports Personality of 2006 and a reminder that voting is still open for the Morgan Stanley Great Britons award (see below).

01 Nov 06 - Vote for Shelley! ...

Can Pewsey's Sports Personality of the Year go national? If you share the belief of SRSG that Shelley's glorious against-all-odds effort to win Silver in the Turin Olympics is the highlight of this sporting year, you can use the following links to place your vote (PS - and then tell all your friends to do the same!):

Meanwhile for the local audience here's a plug for the event that raised Shelley's first ever local sponsorship back in 1998:

27 October 06 - Whhooooshhh ...

There she goes again! ... Great news to report from Lillehammer where Shelley has won the GB Selection Races for the fourth year running, following up the next day by regaining her British Championship crown.

In both achievements she was matched by partner Kristan Bromley in the men's event, and they both broke and then improved the respective track records in the process!

15 October 06 - Sheffield's Gain ...

Coinciding with the start of ice training in Lillehammer in preparation for the new season, Shelley has also completed her move to a new home and job in South Yorkshire ... she never was one to let the grass grow under her feet! ... full details in this Press Release (.pdf) from Sheffield Hallam University.

28 August 06 - Sports Personality of the Year?

England's footballers not winning the World Cup, our cricketers struggling to live up to the glorious Ashes summer of 2005 and a disappointing year for a number of other sports has spawned quite some debate in the media about who should be candidates for the annual BBC TV Sports Personality of the Year.  

SRSG would humbly submit that the story of "our" Shelley's rapid rise through the ranks of Skeleton Bobsleigh (especially the details of how she overcame so many obstacles along the way) make her an eminently suitable candidate.

OK, we know, we are biassed but here's hoping that the "Cindarella" status of Winter Sports doesn't count too much against her when the votes are cast ...

22 July 06 - Sponsors Needed for 2006/07

Shelley has told us that she is actively searching for sponsorship for the 2006/7 season.

This will embrace her challenge for the World Cup series and the World Championships to be held in St.Moritz (Jan/Feb).

The skeleton season starts in September so if anyone is interested please see the contact information.

Shelley's Busy Closed Season

SRSG caught up with Shelley only to be left totally breathless at how busy she has been since getting back from her post-Turin holiday in the Far East.

After lunch with BOA Chairman Lord Moynihan at the House of Lords (24th July) and a visit to Cowes Week as a guest of Henri Lloyd, her training will resume in earnest; other summer highlights have been:

13 June 06 - Art Gallery

This immaculate tiled table top was presented to Shelley, her family and the people of Pewsey at the Moonrakers Inn on the 28th Feb 2006 by Mssrs Paul Wrigley and Steve Scatcherd of Adored Images.

During the homecoming procession and in the weeks afterwards it was displayed in the window of Strategic Arts, High Street, Pewsey.

Adored Images are part of the Custom Signs & Print Group Ltd. and may be contacted on 01579 349437 or by email - here.

This equally stunning acrylic work has also been presented to Shelley's family in appreciation of her efforts in Turin. It was donated by Evesham artist Gary R. Booth who specialises in depicting fast-moving sports.

Special Message from Shelley herself:

Hi everyone! - my blog "Silver Lining" is being revamped. The idea is that I will be able to answer any skeleton based questions you may have and it will also act as a mini-diary of what's going on at the moment etc...

28 Apr 06

10 Apr 06

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04 Mar 06

Homecoming Queen

Shelley, Kristan, Josie & Jack (photo Mike Lisle)

"Slide on Silver Shell - didn't you do well?!

We're all Sleigh-dream Believers,

You're our Homecoming Queen!"

Just time for now to say thanks a million to the people of Pewsey for turning out in force to give Shelley and Kristan a fantastic welcome - estimates for the crowd figure for the "mini carnival" have varied from 5,000 to 8,000 - the Hasbeens' organised evening party in the Bouverie Hall showed just how much Pewsey has learned about having a good time from 108 years of Carnival!

Many thanks also to all the marshals, police, traders and press who played their part in making it such a memorable day. Not to forget the role played by our parish and district councils and the Pewsey Area Community Trust (PACT).

This site will be updated with reports, photos and videos over the next week or so, in fact if you have any of your own you'd like to share please send them in - finally, the King of Skeleton game (link top right) now includes the option to slide as Shelley ... have a go and challenge your friends!

03 May 05

Moonraking Silver from the Olympic Pond

Hello - this site was set up in May 2005 by friends of Shelley from her home village of Pewsey, Wilts who founded the Shelley Rudman Supporters Group (SRSG) to help raise funds and awareness for her bid to compete for Great Britain at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin ... and did she ever compete! ... more ... whilst we had high hopes based on her fine World Cup season we were certainly not expecting what she made happen. That is why it has taken days weeks(!) to come to terms with it all, to update this site and to acknowledge all the messages of congratulation and encouragement for Shelley since her life-changing slide to glory.

would like to offer profound thanks to the massed media ranks for telling the world her story (and our's) but, above all, to everyone around the Pewsey Vale who contributed their time, money and energy to the various fundraising efforts that helped to ease Shelley's preparations. As Shelley progressed through the 2005/06 World Cup series, so increasing numbers of us would gather at the Moonrakers to watch EuroSport's coverage on the big screen culminating in the joyous scenes beamed around the world with her Olympic run [our own movies of this]. "Moonies" was the focal point but the SRSG effort was the work of a whole community that backed one of it's own.

For all the "big-talk" on the night, the bobsleigh run on Pewsey Hill hasn't been built yet, nor has Market Square's statue of King Alfred been replaced, nor yet has Wiltshire's oldest and biggest carnival been rescheduled for 16th Feb each year - but Wiltshire certainly looks to have a fresh new icon to place alongside the crop circles and World Heritage sites.
We have all had the time of our lives (so far!), but the real story is Shelley's infectious enthusiasm and steely determination to succeed, an "iron fist in a velvet glove" is our Shelley.

Turin was a marvellous achievement after such a short time in the sport; we now know we are not alone in looking forward to the next installment as her career continues it's headlong slide downhill!

Shelley Rudman Supporters Group

The British Bob Skeleton Association (BBSA) recieves an annual package of support funded by UK Sport and the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) which pays most of the programme and competition costs. However, some expenses have to be met personally and living costs also need to be funded. For example, while her opponents from the Alpine and Scandinavian countries can train on their own home tracks, Shelley will spend 5 months during winter travelling around Europe & North America to gain as much ice training/competition time as possible to stay ahead of the game.

SRSG is all about a community backing one of it's own in her bid forGold - however, the real story is her infectious enthusiasm and steely determination to succeed; reaching Turin is a marvellous achievement in such a short time and there will be other targets beyond that ...

... if you can help in any way please contact:SRSG - c/o Colin Harris